first entry: reflections on the metro

I wrote this one in French first, then translated to English. I actually did this one about a week ago, but hey- we’re still in April!

Descendu à Duroc

Un chapeau plutôt majestueux
que magenta
cachait mal son visage
dans un ombre faible.

Elle se regardait dans
la fenêtre
pour vérifier que mes coups d’œil,
mes sourires,
étaient justifiés.

Certes, un beau visage,
des yeux noirs et blancs,
comme des boules roulantes
sur une table de billards,

Mais c’était le chapeau,
si élégant, si animé,
qui s’est tourné avec sa tête
imbue d’elle-même
en sortant du wagon.

Je l’admirais, ce magnifique chapeau.

Off at Duroc

A hat more majestic
than magenta
hid her face poorly
in soft shadow.

She looked at herself
in the window
to make sure that my glances,
my grins,
were warranted.

A beautiful face, sure,
eyes black and white
like billiard balls rolling
across a table,

But it was the hat,
so elegant, so alive,
that turned with her head
full of herself
leaving the train car.

I admired it, that magnificent hat.


2 thoughts on “first entry: reflections on the metro

  1. I love this. it’s not merely observation, it’s allusion to thoughts. it provides the opportunity to see the context, and the surroundings from a philosophical or ideological perspective, rather than a descriptive one. you’re a brilliant poet. I’m so going to enjoy this blog. 🙂

    • And your enjoyment is one of the primary reasons that I’m going to be diligent with this one ^-^ (Or at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself until the exams roll around.) I have a decent collection of originals, but seldom do I have the opportunity to share them – which is ultimately where the real beauty of poetry comes in, during interpretation. The same could be said of artwork. (Which is why I am equally excited to continue following your blog!)

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