Third Entry: in Seas of Skies

I consider this to be an unfinished work: inspired by the view out of the kitchen window, this is one for the senses – and for the imagination. I expect to expand and revise this one in the future, perhaps even rewrite it as a song (I’ve got a couple of effective tunes in mind already).


“X” marks the spot in the blue of the sky,
where contrails and white whales drift lazily by.
Cerulean currents, Aurelian rays
float airships and wingtips in sapphire displays.


As treasures of heaven are dreamt on the earth,
so songbirds cry sweet words of infinite worth:
Alluring as sirens alighted on leaves,
Their hymns sink and swim on the blue of the breeze.


Bound to the worldly yet called by the clear,
such young and unsung men would sail the frontier―
But stars of the yonder may flicker and fall,
o’erwhelmed at the helm by insatiable squalls.


I can’t say that I’m yet sold on the ending of this version, but as I mentioned, I’ll be back with new blueprints and a wrecking ball.



One thought on “Third Entry: in Seas of Skies

  1. I love this so absurdly much. seriously, there is no way I can leave a comment that expresses how much this impacted me without sounding like a complete freak on the internet. please let me know when you rework this.

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