One-week countdown

A week from tomorrow, the journey begins.


Of course, one might ask when a true such beginning occurs: is the very prospect of embarking on a journey the beginning? Must one wait for the actual footfalls on the path? Do the preparatory measures count as a portion of the journey itself?

In any case, I’ve written no verse as yet (that will be saved for All Fool’s Day), but occasionally a flash of inspiration will come to me, to be locked away for an April day. At any rate, I’m eager to begin, and (admittedly) eager for a much-needed distraction from some of this incarnation’s demands.

I’ll try to have a glass of wine or a snifter of whiskey handy to celebrate the project’s inauguration. Every poet needs his muse 😉


A Fresh Start

Here’s to another month, another year – another opportunity to channel the poet within.

I’m preparing to re-embark on the journey of 30-poems-in-30-days, to begin April 1st (no joke!) I’ve got a head start this time, so hopefully my mind will be sufficiently prepped come writing time to knock this one out. I might offer a few updates here before then, but meanwhile you’re welcome to check out my About page or even browse through my old poems from last year. Until then, here’s to the advent of spring! (And the welcome end of what has been a brutal winter…)