Simple Pleasure

Happy First of April! My inaugural verse came from a quiet place – one of my favorite places to be, and one that always makes me smile. So without further ado, here’s #1, which I’ve titled Simple Pleasure:


sleepy little flower

dipping into morning twilight

rousing gently, slowly

humming softly, lowly

to himself.

rolling languidly backward

he opens sticky eyes

smiles to descending patron rays.

puffs of white smoke,

disheveled fronds uncurl

and bare his belly to the welcome warmth.

fat and happy

he drinks in the vibrations

and drifts away to somewhere

flowers know.


As with all poetry, feel free to interpret it as you will, but if you want the spoiler: this is about my puppy rolling over for tummy rubs in the morning. Always gives me the warm fuzzies.


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