Meditations on Absorption

I’m probably too hard on myself sometimes, but I envision a winding path between me and the personhood I want to attain. I remind myself that the journey itself is what truly counts, but the diversions certainly provide no solace; in our world, where it is too easy to let ourselves slip into mental stagnation and address our wellbeing with a certain distant carelessness (whether we immerse ourselves in too much television, time in cyberspace, time in isolated togetherness on our mobile devices or plugged into an eternal stream of background noise), I feel it important to remind myself of the existential implications of that distractedness. Thus my sixth poem for the month (and a day late, at that):


Meditations on absorption


aimless inattention

(abandoning my will)

animate suspension

(my body standing still)

intellective tension

(surrendering my mind)

numinous detention

(my spirit is confined)

counterfeit dimension

(my senses waning idle)

popular convention

(dependences unbridled)

minimal retention

(my thoughts diffuse and thin )

broken comprehension

(i’m scattered in my skin)

dangerous contention

(complacency to be)

sanctioned apprehension

(what would be left of me)


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