Scourge of the Seas

I decided to combine a couple forms of poetry for this one: I’ve adapted the lune (a form I experimented with previously) to accommodate the repeating lines, rhyme scheme, and length of the villanelle. I’m left with an interesting, fictitious forewarning of a curse on unwary sailors who might experience a stillness that goes beyond the doldrums. Best read, I surmise, in a pirate accent, but I’ll leave that up to you. Poem #10:

The Breathless Breeze

The breathless breeze
steals wind from sunken sails
on placid seas.

In mute unease
such silent ships cannot avail
the breathless breeze;

their desperate pleas
resound with no brave gale
on placid seas.

As eerie ease
descends, the sailor’s breast inhales
the breathless breeze:

a final wheeze
escapes from lips now pale
on placid seas.

By this reprise,
beware, where stranded sailors fail,
the breathless breeze
on placid seas.


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