To the Birthday Girl

April showers also bring birthdays, it seems! Here’s a silly little ode to an old friend of mine – at least, a year-older friend, anyway. (Between the more thought-provoking, serious poems, it’s good to have a relaxing break like this!) Number 11:

Lament of the Nasties

O tarnished day, a day forlorn!
For tis the day that you were born!
Your smiling face unto this earth
brought warmth and wit and endless worth!
Your care brought laughter, hugs, and smiles;
Your voice, so bright, so kind ― so vile!
And so your birth spelled our demise
we Grumps and Nasties, Hrumphs and Cries.
Into the darkness we did flee,
to dodge your overwhelming glee.
But even there, within the gloom,
your selfless seed takes root to bloom!
Your friendships tend their gardens gay;
again, we pests must run away!
We might as well just disappear―
we’ve got no chance when you are here!


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