The Hydrology of the Mind

I’m borrowing NaPoWriMo’s prompt from day twelve for this one, since I’m apparently low on fuel. A useful exercise (with some fun and thought-provoking results, as I’ve seen elsewhere in my travels across the blogosphere), but not my usual approach. All the same, here’s #13, a “replacement” poem:

The mind is the link
between land and water,
among the most productive
ecosystems in the world.
The mind can be
a swamp, at times:
a marsh, a bog,
filled mostly with trees
and grasses
and shrubs.
Or moss―
soaked through,
at least part of the year,
a fertile habitat.
Others, still, may lapse
into dry spells.
The mind’s function may vary:
Artificially constructed minds
may even play a role in
the developing field of
water-sensitive urban design.
But only at the frontier between
truly terrestrial and aquatic systems
can the mind exist,
inherently different from them,
yet dependent on both.


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