From the Poet

The last day of April is upon us, bringing our project to a close. As per NaPoWriMo’s prompt for the day, a farewell poem seems an appropriate way to wrap it up, though it is certainly anything but a permanent sentiment! I’ve developed quite a motivating sense of pride in this blog over the last thirty days, and I don’t think I could let it lay still for too long before returning with more literary inspiration. So until my next post, here’s poem # 30 to conclude the project (and my fiftieth blog post, at that! Time for celebration 🙂 ):



We climb into a blue embrace
beyond the spotted night’s cool breath,
where milky rivers sing and sway
between colored planets.

Eagerly, we unwrap clouds
beneath the moonlight
and spill some forgotten words
on muffled sunsets.

Every sacred stroke
betrays a certain tenderness
in the shadowed interior
of our brave dreams,

and in anguish, we spell our love:
bold, profound, but gentle
on waiting ears, if they listen
with their eyes open.

We come and go on the wind,
never staying for too long,
each new verse a wave goodbye,
a hand that’s left the window open.

The scar will stay with you,
reminding you of the beauty in silly words,
so treat it as a kiss goodnight
before the morning burns.


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