Tribute to NaPoWriMo

There’s a fun website called Wordle that transforms text into artistic “word clouds.” Essentially, it identifies the most used/repeated words and phrases in a selection of text — a speech, poems, journal, whatever you like — and assembles them into a bubble of thoughts & ideas that, theoretically, represents the most prevalent themes of the chosen work.

I’ve copied the text of all of my poems from April (save for the rather silly ode to Trader Joe’s, since its repetitiveness skewed my final artistic result) and created a couple such word clouds, identifying my most-used words and principal ideas. Each image seems like a poem unto itself, I think. I made two for the sake of aesthetic variation, and I think that each has its own distinct flavor or mood, despite identical material — evidence, perhaps, that the artistic arrangement of words can be as influential as the meaning behind the words themselves.


Here’s an arguably subtler variation:


All in all, NaPoWriMo has been an exciting project, and one that I plan to continue beyond April — though I won’t be as ambitious as to sustain a poem-per-day ratio. If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog so far, I certainly hope that you’ll stop by again from time to time to check out my developments; your readership has been a wonderful inspiration to me (yes, I read the stats of my blog!) and I can’t thank you enough for your support in my endeavors to make this happen.


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