Day 1:

It seems that my subconscious is still preoccupied with the theme from my last post, so I’ll begin April with the forbidden fruit. I’m also trying something new this month: typically I use a word processor on my computer to hash out my ideas and make changes until I arrive at a decent draft, but I’m going to try to stick with pen(cil) and paper for the initial iterations, in order to track the creative process. While deleted words and unused ideas disappear forever via electronic records, their brief existence is preserved on the physical page, and I am better able to understand where the poem came from and how it might be interpreted. I’ll try to scan in my paper drafts for you to review in addition to the poems here, but meanwhile, here’s #1:

There was no green around her face,
no creases in her skin;
her flesh was neither sour nor sweet
when hunger let me in.

She did not smell of strange perfume
afloat on foreign winds,
nor did her blood run warm and red
from Man’s ancestral sin.

Her mother’s arms did not bow low
to holy golden rays,
nor would the matron cede her ground
to unfamiliar praise.

Her swollen sisters never blushed
before the turn of spring,
and neither did her kith and kin
resign themselves to sing.

No feeble thoughts of flesh or fear
could pierce her heart of stone,
so I, beholden to her form,
wound round its crimson throne.

Amid my search for honeyed fare,
she made no sacred sound
but filled me from an ancient well
until my thirst was drowned.


I sort of incorporated the optional daily prompt from NaPoWriMo’s blog, which suggested a poem of negation “that involves describing something in terms of what it is not, or not like,” but that only went so far. Sometime tomorrow I’ll scan in my paper draft and upload it here.


2 thoughts on “Thirsty

  1. Thank you for sharing your process. I like pencil and paper and yet I am often surprised at the results when using the computer. We want it all ways I guess. I’ve just made myself a new blog in WordPress but how to get a picture across the top as you have. Guess I’ll figure it soon.

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