An Invitation

I hope that my readers enjoyed NaPoWriMo 2015 as much as I did – it was quite therapeutic. I promised myself I’d keep up with posting afterward, so I wanted to get at least one in by the end of May. Today’s my last chance, so here I am.


Technically I wrote this one in March, but I waited until now to post it because it’s featured in the wedding invitations that my fiancee and I sent out about a week ago: I didn’t think it would be fair to cheat our potential guests of the poem’s first readings by posting it here beforehand. Unfortunately there’s no journal-draft for this one, since I wrote it before April’s project began, so here’s the final draft, featured in our invitations, a sonnet:


As gentle spring invites the faun and fae
to sing and dance around the tree and glen,
so we extend to you this golden May
a plea to reunite our kin and friends:

The year will turn, and as the veil grows thin,
two lives shall lay to rest their former names,
and by their sacred oaths, new life begins
with knotted cords and love’s eternal flame.

Come join with us below the autumn leaves
to gaze upon October’s final light
at five o’clock upon this blessed eve
and feast and dance throughout the hallowed night.

So if you be enchanted by our call,
please do reply, and join our happy hall!



It might help to know that our wedding will actually be a handfasting, fashioned after some ancient Celtic traditions — including a fun Lord of the Rings theme to take full advantage of a Halloween wedding ceremony 🙂


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