NaPoWriMo 2016

I’m off to a late start this year, but looking back, the first time I attempted National Poetry Writing Month, I didn’t learn about the project until it was halfway over. While I didn’t complete the challenge that first year, it served as inspiration for me to succeed in the years following.

I hope to reconcile all of these months as I rekindle the project once again: April is halfway through, and I’ve little poetry to claim thus far; and so I commit myself to two poems a day in order to arrive at thirty by month’s end. I began on the fifteenth, which will bring me to a total of six poems today; you can expect separate posts for them shortly (I’ve been writing by hand in my personal journal; I’ll try to scan in those scribblings as I did last year, to preserve the creative process).

If you’ve not read my words here previously, you may find the inspiration for my project at NaPoWriMo’s “about” page.

Here’s to a rewarding second half of April!


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