Shorts and Sillies

Okay, poems One and Two seem like cop-outs: they’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re not particularly inspired. But the idea isn’t to write necessarily good poetry – it’s just to get something on the page (and in this case, on the blog, as a way to convince myself I’m actually doing something here).

One’s a lune that reveals what my memory hones in on while meeting other dog people; Two is a take on a familiar verse with less favorable content.



It’s nice to meet you.

Got the dog –

What was your name again?



Noses are red,

toesies are blue;

the cold season’s come

to make – wait – ACHOO!



I promise the following works will be more worthwhile. Again, it’s the exercise that counts, right? I’ll upload the rest on Tuesday, when I’ve got some time off.


2 thoughts on “Shorts and Sillies

  1. Could it be … someone who’s even further behind than me?? There is hope! Great poems, short and sweet, and done and posted is the important part – they say the best poem is the one you have with you (or do they say that about cameras?) Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

    • Haha, quite far behind, indeed! But you’re right – there is always hope. And I haven’t heard that saying before, though I wager it might soon become a mantra for me ^-^ Thank you for your encouragement!

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