A Narrative

Deepwater Sound (Poem Four), draft:

poem four deepwater sound

Final iteration:

In Deepwater Sound, an old promise was drowned
when a surfeited heart bathed her hands;
as the water waxed red, a false visage was shed
and the truth broke apart on the sands.
As she looked to the sky, there escaped a long sigh
from the trembling smirk on her face;
so enamored was she that, at last, she was free,
she collapsed to the water’s embrace.
A chorus of stars serenaded her scars
as the fires of her anguish did wane,
for in Deepwater Sound, naught would ever be found
of the memories that caused her such pain.


Some of them just bubble up from who-knows-where. Honestly, I love it when a story unravels itself and I just have to put pen to paper.


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