Monkey Mind, draft:

poem three monkey mind

Final iteration:

Chitter chatter, Monkey Mind–
how impressively you swing
from branch to branch
and tumble between the leaves.
It would seem
that no foothold escapes you
in your arboreal kingdom
of speculation and fancy.
How thunderingly
your whoops and howls
echo through the jungle
as here and there
you dart and dodge
to see all that you can see.

But below your glances
a rare fruit ripens
in the shade
and you will not know
the honeyed flesh of stillness
until your reign ends
and the forest floor finds you
and you wonder at the taste
of serenity.


Number Three channels that awful feeling – or awful thinking, rather – of having too many thoughts in one’s head for too much of the time. Authors might see some element of writer’s block inspired by this overabundance of ideas and thoughts and distractions, as opposed to the equally-frustrating blank slate. Recent experiences with some yoga and meditation may have helped me form this one.


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