Catching up with Buzzards

I’m a few days behind, but here’s #6 as per the prompt of Day 6: “a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view,” taking particular inspiration from NaPo’s example poet Wallace Stevens — though I’ve opted for buzzards instead of blackbirds.







seven black ghosts
wind about the daylight blue,
seek the unmoving
—more yet may come


sickle silhouettes
loom heavily above
but fear eschews the gap
of one missing feather—
the immortal sky
cuts through


too close to the sun,
ashen angels descend
to mortal earth,
wary and unsure
on solid ground


polished black diamonds
pierce the glint of dawn
from charcoal skulls,
dip to jerk and tear,
lift to scan the hearts
of their beholders—
trust no witness here


for death,
their dirks descend,
unpiecing what once was
before scattering
on the wind,
leaving shadows to dance
across the reeds


she carries death
in her sable gullet,
promising restitution
in open, eager mouths


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