On Knowing (in the Biblical Sense)

Fair warning: this one contains so-called adult themes. No prompt (at least, not from NaPoWriMo). Number Twelve:

let us sin



Let us sink into the sinews
of our godforsaken beds

Let us turn away from sunrise
and embrace the night instead


Let us slither into rapture
as we swim through linen seas

Let us whet our growing hunger
in our lush and lusty lees


Let unbridled, burning fervor
worm its way into our minds

Let our winding limbs and labors
lose their sense of space and time


Let us fold ourselves in verses
yet unwritten by the wise

Let our fingers pen their passions
on the lids of heavy eyes


Let us loose our primal cravings
in the wilds of paradise

Let us shed our laden virtue
for enamored, naked vice


Let us sing unto the heavens
of the carnal, moving earth

Let the moaning winds transport us
past the veil of death and birth


Let us own our mortal vessels
in our solemn, sacred skin

Let us love the holy sinner
and exalt the holy sin


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