Her haunting tune rolls o’er my ears and tempts my eyes with wistful tears ―
Within my breast her rhythm’s nest awakens ageless souvenirs…


This blog is a home for my poet.

About two weeks into April of 2013, I heard about National Poetry Writing Month. While I was unable to complete the project that year, I was met with success (and wonderful support) in 2014, which brings us to the present.

During April, I’ll contribute one new poem a day (or the equivalent thereof) for your reading and reviewing pleasure. Or offense. I suppose that’s subjective.

For the remainder of the year, I’ll offer the fruit of my inspiration whenever she ripens. I won’t limit myself to poetry, either, if another literary form manifests itself. And by all means, please share your thoughts, opinions, and your own inspirations if you feel so moved — my readership so far has been very encouraging, and I love exploring your corners of the internet’s collective consciousness, too. For more on why I’m thirsty for your opinions, please see my post, An Invitation, a Kiss.

Write on, man.


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