(Get it? Like, rePOETition?)

Anyway, evidently I just needed to switch the prompts for poems eight and nine, because after my nine-liner I have designed my next poem to rely on repetition, as per Day 8’s challenge.

I actually started this one from some previous lines in my journal, but really only the following draft is necessary:

in august


And the cleaner cut of poem # 9:


In August I’ll remember
the scent you wore today:
you floated in on April’s breath,
a simple, sweet bouquet.

In August I’ll remember
the passion in your tears
that sang across the thirsty roofs
and danced into my ears.

In August I’ll remember
the tingle on my skin:
your cool embrace around my arms
allayed the warmth within.

In August I’ll remember
the color in your skies
that bled beyond horizons and
the borders of my eyes.

In August I’ll remember
the craving of your kiss:
the taste of milk and honeyed lips
that bound my tongue to bliss.

In August I’ll remember
the wheel will turn anew:
my senses will await the day
that I return to you.


I’m normally not quite as fond of spring as this work might suggest, but I figured if I focus on the silver lining, maybe my face won’t hurt as much from all of the allergens… Not to mention that it will probably be worse to suffer under┬áthe Texas summer sun when it rolls out. Anyway, thanks for reading ­čÖé