King Crow’s Court

While this isn’t one of my favorites so far this year, I definitely stretched the limits of my creative and linguistic ability for this poem. The constraints I put on myself went beyond NaPo’s prompt to incorporate alliteration and assonance: I insisted that every line contain its own alliterative phrases (though I was less concerned for the vowels); that I use iambic dimeter (with the exception of the introductory line); and that I follow a strict ABAB rhyme scheme.

Poem # 10, Draft:

king crow 1

Cleaned-up version:

O King Crow
upon your perch
of silver snow
and old black birch,

The nascent night
concedes your call
as lanterns light
your hallowed hall.

From Falcon’s fen
to Magpie’s moor
and Grackle’s glen
to Seahawk’s shore—

In royal robes
your kith and kin
glide o’er the globe
on whitening winds.

The Court convened
in Winter’s Woods
acclaim their King
and hang their hoods

To talk of trees
and beasts below;
of leafless lees
and darting doe

And further fields
befitting birds
whose yearning yields
their woodland words.


Whisper to Winter

I’m having trouble formatting the text to my desired specifications here, so I’ll instead share a screen shot of a poem that I wrote a few years ago. (After meditating on what a brutal winter it’s been, this title came to my mind, though the content is unrelated, but at any rate the thought made me dig up another old one.)


whisper to winter