Flowers and Towers

I had an idea for some poetic inspiration: find some blank greeting cards with some form of artwork, and write poems based on those images. I think I’ll go as far as to write the finished poems inside the cards, and then leave the cards in some public area for a passerby to mull over. Anyway, here’s the card/image with my journal draft:

poem five yin and yang

And the final iteration of poem number five, each stanza comprised of a lune (five words, three words, and five words per line, respectively – a form which I’ve played with before):

Yin and Yang

Iron pride and beauty dance
in naked space
and give themselves unto creation.

What might we do ourselves
to find peace
between worlds unreconciled and lonely?

Man may raise his towers
but towers fall
and spring blossoms come again.


Artwork by Georgianna Lane.