The Summoning

I took inspiration from NaPoWriMo’s optional prompt today, but with my own twist: channeling my love of Dungeons & Dragons, I took a more macabre approach to what some potential heroes might face when taking on the challenge of rooting out a demonic cult. Perhaps they might come across a ritual recipe ripe with riddles, as this one:

The Summoning

Tears from an unbroken silence,
droplets red from hidden violence,
stainéd mail of dingy hue―
boil them in the demons’ brew.

Poisoned breath from mouths that lie,
ill-kept secrets gone awry,
oaths sworn on a mut’nous coup―
boil them in the demons’ brew.

Seven sages cloaked in white
gather summer solstice night:
chanting words both false and true,
a pow’r to boil the demons’ brew.

From the depths of the Abyss,
brimstone rises, gasses hiss;
lords of warping darkness spew,
the world to boil in demons’ brew.


Anyone up for a dungeon crawl? 😉


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